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Ayurveda meets science. AJA are refreshing drinks with particular functions. They are enriched with plant-based adaptogens from Moringa, Ashwagandha, with vitamins and many minerals. AJA gives you impetus, focus, and well-being in an everyday setting.

The equation is quite simple: ayurvedic medicinal plants with adaptogenic effect + essential vitamins + trace elements + minerals = a fantastic effect that enhances your everyday well-being. Being more than just simple mood drinks or energy drinks, AJA balances the endogenous homeostasis.

AJA drinks with Moringa and ashwagandha create an equilibrium. Whereby some varieties focus on physical functions and others tend to focus on the psyche. No matter whether you choose AJA Regeneration, AJA Rebalance, AJA Harmony, or AJA Voyage — it is you who decides which AJA drink will help you to gain more well-being on which day.

AJAs are genuine adaptogen drinks. They not only taste delicious, they also have sensational ingredients with lots of health benefits. In AJA we combine the power of Ayurvedic medicinal plants with state-of-the-art science.

Apart from their smart ingredients, AJA drinks taste wonderfully refreshing. AJA is available in four varieties with 100% natural flavorings.

What are adaptogens?

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Adaptogens are smart plant-based ingredients. They work for your endogenous homeostasis, which is responsible for regulating all the processes in the body so that your physical and psychological state is balanced. As soon as that balance has been achieved, we feel good generally and are happy. However, plant-based adaptogens have even more benefits. Apart from increased energy, vitality, physical stamina, and mental perseverance, they are also appreciated for their capability of cell repair and wound healing. Our adaptogen drink AJA brings you the most important and best properties of plant-based adaptogens with a vital substance mix of minerals and vitamins in an optimal composition.


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Ashwagandha, also called “Indian ginseng” or “Withania somnifera”, is the “King of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs”. It chiefly grows in warm southern climates.

Apart from essential antioxidants that slow down aging processes in the body, it is especially taken for physical fortification and to relieve mental disorders.

The smart, adaptogenic plant-based substance is capable of reading our bodies to find out what we currently need. Recent studies show that people have much more cortisol (stress hormone) in the body than necessary. This hormone was even released by the body in the days of our ancestors, whenever they were confronted with a “fight or flight” situation. Ashwagandha helps us to better stabilize that cortisol balance.

Ashwagandha also improves the communication of our nervous system, can increase pleasure, and has a positive impact on blood circulation. All in all, ashwagandha balances our system and restores our inner center.


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An important adaptogenic substance in our AJA drinks is “Moringa oleifera” — an already well-known miracle plant that is, no wonder, popularly referred to as the “Tree of Life”. Moringa grows in the Himalayan region and in Northwest India, among others. In Ayurvedic naturopathy the soothing effect of this plant has already been known for several hundred years. Apart from many other positive properties, like the high content of protein, vitamins, and minerals, Moringa has a cleansing effect in particular.

It is so intense that with Moringa powder it is possible to prepare drinking water. Moringa binds suspended particles and bacteria to itself and causes them to sink onto the sediment. We can observe a very similar effect in the body.

Moringa contains natural antioxidants. Consequently, it protects us against oxidative stress and slows down aging processes. At the same time it has a calming effect on our body and psyche.

Drinks containing Moringa have existed for quite a long time. AJA, a smart adaptogen drink, combines that sensational plant with an effective mix of vital substances.


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The passion flower is native to the tropical rainforests of America and Asia. This plant has so many positive properties for our body that it was voted “Medicinal Plant of the Year” in 2011.

For us humans it is better than many other blossoms on account of its low content of glycosides and good tolerance. The passion flower is a well-known anxiolytic. Due to its high dose of natural flavonoids this plant has an anxiety-relieving effect. For our brain it has a genuine cool-down effect. The active substance of the passion flower supports us in situations where we are nervous, uneasy, or anxious. Our body relaxes and we feel more at ease.

Griffonia Simplicifolia

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Griffonia — also known as the African black bean — is a forgotten miracle of nature that we would like to bring back to you and your everyday life, in the form of AJA. Popularly known as the “antidepressive jungle plant”, Griffonia provides us with valuable, natural 5-HTP. The latter is in fact an aromatic amino acid that is the direct precursor of our happiness hormone, serotonin.

Depending on what you currently need, Griffonia simplicifolia can help to improve your mood. Evidence exists proving that the intake of natural 5-HTP raises the serotonin level and improves enthusiasm and mood.

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AJA — Austria’s first adaptogen drink


The formula for our AJA drinks is unique. To date, AJA is comparable with no other drink in existence throughout the world. For this reason an international patent application was filed specially for AJA. Before we decided to offer AJA on the market, our formulas were tested and approved with an official food and marketing expertise. We are pleased to share with you a project that is dear to our heart.

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— a design

Tradition meets future

AJA Adaptogen Drink

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Anyone who takes a closer look at our branding will discover that we decided to select a mix of traditional and modern esthetics. Original, natural healing method meets modern science. That is evident when you see our typography, i.e., the fonts we have chosen. Here we have used not only a typo that is reminiscent of old apothecary lettering but also a modern, plain font.

The AJA logo is inspired by a cell. Its nucleus, our logo, leans from left to right and thus determines the focus of action. Physical focus (left) and mental focus (right).

The bottle in which we present AJA to you is also our own design. Between 1850 and 1900 medicine was offered in heavy, thick-bottomed glass bottles. Later those bottles were then also used for the so popular gin, which in its early days was still being administered to relieve disorders. Inspired by this old tradition, AJA comes to you in its own apothecary bottle.