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Why AJA? Because in everyday life we deserve something healthy that provides us with optimal support. The invention of AJA is inspired by nature. The formula of our AJA drinks was developed scientifically and it is confirmed in ongoing clinical studies. Why did we invent AJA? Out of passion for your well-being.

At times when more and more half-hearted, thoughtlessly developed food supplements and smart drinks are flooding the market we — with our scientific background — were dissatisfied with the formula and action of marketed products. Whereby what is good can be so simple and so near: in nature.

Nowadays we humans have a complex everyday life that demands a lot from us emotionally and healthwise. Dr. Anca Jucker has always been convinced that the secret of holistic well-being lies in the interaction of physical and mental health. Inspired to promote these two levels, she outlined the idea for AJA a few years ago.


Anca Noel
AJA Mood Drink


Dr. AncaJucker

Doctor of General Medicine, Scientist, and Researcher. Focus on the development of products with proven benefit.

AJA Mood Drink


Emanuel NoelGocan

Partner in crime, best friend, and son of Dr. Anca Jucker. The charismatic front man in sales, marketing, and distribution.


Our AJA drinks are smart because they react to you and your everyday life. In the same way that our everyday life is individual, the function and benefit for each person are just as individual.

Dr. Anca Jucker has been working in medical research and development since 2003. She paid special attention to the analysis of plant constituents and their benefits for humans.

With advancing research, after 11 scientific publications and 121 citations, the action of medicinal plants increasingly became her focus.

At a medical congress about three years ago Dr. Anca Jucker then acquired the decisive impetus that was to become the idea for AJA.

AJA: a refreshing drink that combines traditional knowledge and modern medicine in order to act individually in the everyday life of us humans.

Dr. Jucker thought about the challenges that each one of us has to handle nowadays. In doing so, it became clear that stress, emotional and psychological load, has a different impact in each particular person. AJA was to become a product that, in everyday life, provides us with more clarity and focus for what we have to accomplish.



AJA Drinks werden laufend in klinischen Studien getestet. Mit unterschiedlichen Probandengruppen haben wir die Wirkung der Getränke geprüft und verglichen. Wie Studien funktionieren: Wenn sich im Testergebnis eine eindeutige Überlappung der Kurven ergibt, spricht man von einer Korrelation, also einem positiven Testergebnis.

Die Auswertungen der ersten Studien sprechen mit klaren Ergebnissen für sich: Die Probanden zeigten alle eine Senkung von körperlichem Stress (Herzfrequenzvariabilität). Gleichzeitig erhöhte sich der Fokus der Testgruppen (gemessen an der Reaktionszeit) aus der Einnahme von Moringa Oleifera und Withania Sominifera (Ahswagandha).

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In unseren Studien haben wir vier Probandengruppen getestet, die alle eine nahe Überlagerung in den Ergebnissen liefern. Anders als bei Energy Drinks oder Mood Drinks wird hier aufgezeigt, dass das Zusammenspiel der Inhaltsstoffe bei AJA einen Benefit für Körper und Psyche bringt.

Während AJA Getränke laufend weiter getestet wird, haben wir auch begeisterte Stimmen von ersten Tester*innen im echten Leben bekommen. Probiere AJA am besten selber und teile deine Meinung mit uns auf Social Media!